What does our Orlando Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital marketing can be quite complex and involves many moving parts. The major difference in digital marketing and modern forms of marketing is it happens in a digital landscape and takes expertise to develop a campaign that creates good awareness without over spending.
Orlando Digital Marketing

What does our Orlando Digital Marketing Agency Do?

So you might be wondering why the need for this post? Doesn’t everyone know what digital marketing is ? Well, a vast majority of people are often miss-led into different interpretations of what digital marketing is. We’ve ran into countless companies who have previously claimed to use a digital marketing firm but really all they paid for was social media posting or some ad creation that doesn’t actually yield results. The primary reason these types of digital marketing initiatives didn’t work because they only provided part of the service. You were given all of digital side of the equation, yet the marketing part has been completely wiped out. Why is this? Well simply put marketing is vastly different from the creation of assets. The both must work together and alone must be fundamentally sound. Marketing at its core is difficult for normal day to day business to grab a true concept for. A lot of businesses understand marketing, however, understanding how to market effectively is a completely different understanding. Marketing is defined as “Total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling”. This post is going to outline digital marketing and what our agency does as a digital marketing agency based in Orlando.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So unlike a lot of post out there we want to highlight SEO in way that helps you better understand it for your future digital marketing plans. SEO is the development off and on-site edits that increase your search rankings. If your still a bit lost on why you need SEO let us explain further. When you type in any sequence of text into google or bing/yahoo and a list of website’s come up the websites you are presented with have good SEO. 57% of the clicks on google/bing are given to the websites that rank in the top 5 positions. Depending on your keyword you could be missing out on 100 clicks per month or 100 clicks per day depending on the keyword.  We use SEO as a digital marketing strategy to create qualified leads. More than AdWords or social media; organic traffic converts the most. As an Orlando-based SEO agency we make use of our days by creating opportunities for powerful backlinks, while improving site structure and social signals to increase SERP rankings. This job often takes a minimum of 3-6 months of dedicated support. Our campaigns are designed to teach our clients how to maintain their new search rankings so our services are only necessary as a consultant by the end of the term. We do this by educating our clients on content development and proper ways to create opportunities that improve your backlink potential.

Digital Marketing with Adwords Management

Adwords is a platform provided by Google that allows you insert yourself in the search queries that the websites with good SEO are in.

Orlando Adwords Mangaement

We utilize this strategy quite often with businesses that aren’t quite there in terms of hierarchy in the search results on google but, need clicks to their website immediately. While SEO is best we’ve had tremendous success using this form of digital marketing with various businesses. Using google AdWords gives you the exposure you need asap. The only drawback is this service is a form or PPC (pay per click). This means each click has an associated cost. Sometimes this can add up but as long as you know your cost per acquisition you will be just fine. We’ve experienced clients who spend anywhere from $1000 to 10,000 per month however their return on investment is respectively double or even quadruple the amount spent. A lot times the SEO and Adword campaigns together to fill in gaps that are harder for SEO to take advantage of. A good digital marketing plan will consist of a game plan that can effectively use both.

Additionally, Adwords also includes a display ad program that allows you to place ads all over the web on sites that meet your specific needs in term of demographics and interest. Google display advertising is a great tool to use especially with Remarketing campaigns and in cases where the service or product isn’t an item that has high search volumes to effectively use SEO.  A good digital marketing firm outline this for you.

Google Adwords Management Orlando
Example of Display Advertisements by Google

Effective Social Media Digital Marketing

Okay, now this buzzing forever trend is a constantly developing enterprise of digital marketing usage. We use social media to either build leads or close deals via remarketing. It’s important to have a social plan and often ours start with identifying which platform you should be using in your social strategy. From their we create posting campaigns that influence likes or follows. On the monetary side of the social campaign we create remarketing ads on your potential buyers favorite social platform so that they ensure they do not forget about your brand. Likewise, we do actually do the same thing using google’s display advertising and often offer both as options as it’s cost vs benefit makes doing both a no-brainer.

Digital Marketing is Tough Work!

So as you can see. Digital marketing can be quite complex and involves many moving parts. The only difference in digital marketing and modern forms of marketing is it happens in a digital landscape and takes expertise to develop a campaign that creates good awareness without over spending. Our agency has taken google certification courses and have a passion for what we do. Our jobs involve a lot of creation and marketing development. Some of the options we did not mention above include a lot of optimization and measuring statistics via provided insights and analytics. We are constantly looking at your campaign in parts and as whole and making tweaks based on needs. Our agency practices a business model that encourages our staff to never be satisfied with the end of day results. You can always do better you just have to measure and find out your weak spots. Our agency would love to help you draft your next campaign that uses SEO, Adwords, and Social Media. We are ready to get your business moving if you are. Cheers !


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