Why Hire a 4k Video Production Team

4k Video Production is now the tech that will never go away. Here are some reasons why you should hire a 4k video production team.
Orlando Video Production

Orlando Video Production Creating 4k Films

The buzz word “4K” has been a growing trend the last two or more years. Even more so with the last black friday having 4k TV’s at affordable rates. But what exactly is 4k. Well, for sake of simplicity 4k is the size of the frame. Is a resolution offers the pixel size relative to 3,840 x 2,160. This 23 times the resolution of standard tv and four times than resolution than HD or 1080p.  The problem is 4k is readily available for mass media viewing so the 4k pixels you are purchasing likely won’t get used to its maximum potential. However, for film there are several benefits to hire a crew like Studio 5 that works in 4k. Let’s go ahead an jump into the 3 primary reasons to hire a 4k video production team.

Video Production Variety

When we use a 4k solution for our client’s production needs we often have more variety. We have more variety because we have four times the information . This allows us to take a head to waist shot and make it head shot if necessary due to all of additional information we gain by using 4k. This however, is only a good idea if you intend to export the production footage at 108op or less though. Doing this isn’t bad because 4k just isn’t their in terms of how people typically view films (streaming on youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. ) . This comes in handy when you have a production that requires a lot of cameras because you are able to zoom in and out in the edit and appear to have more cameras. This works especially well when we create interview and have two or more going at a time or want to reduce setup time so we can get to the next location. It allows us to bring one camera and create smaller sets of crews to get things done more efficiently with more variety.

Future Proof Video Production

Whether we like it or not technology will always change. Right now 4k isn’t a very feasible medium to access but within the next 5 years or so it may be. By adopting 4k options with your video production crew you can future proof your work for those films you plan on creating. Giving your investment more shelf life. Your 4k production company can create a 1080p piece for you today and create a 4k re-edit for you later down the road.

4k Just Looks Awesome

Okay I know this one is a bit vague but it’s true ! 4k footage rocks and creates better images in the clarity department (4k transformed in 1080p = Extra Sharp Awesomeness with non of the lag). Furthermore, chroma keying is made much more easier through the information that 4k provides. This creates cleaner green screen backdrops as well as the ability to stabilize footage better in post.


Unlike the 3D craze, it’s truly evident that 4k is the future and regardless of the possibilities it will enhance your recordings today in any configuration you are working in. So if your looking for a top notch crew to work on your next commercial, event, or tell your story give our production company a ring  and we will shoot in 4k awesomeness.

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